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Why Buy Spotify Plays?

Spotify plays promotion helps to promote artists, especially the newly established artists to grow their promotional activities in terms of their music by increasing the number of plays for their new single or album on Spotify. Moreover, it also helps the artists to increase their popularity and dominancy for a specific music genre. In the music industry, it is important to get noticed and stand out from the crowds. Therefore, Spotify plays promotion acts as a platform for artists or musicians to invest in it in order to grow their influence in the music industry. For artists or musicians, having a massive number of followers promotion and streams promotion is an easier way to gather as many crowds as possible to listen to their style of music and be accepted by their fans and listeners. It is a base for these group of people to boost their career performance and growth in order for them to stay in the industry for as long as possible, not to mention leaving their trails of legacy behind when they are retired.

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Spotify Streams Promotion : Boost Your Monthly Listeners

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We do authentic promotion for your spotify music. As a result of plays promotion campaign you also gain monthly listeners to your track. You do not have to buy it saperately.  This is the power of organic legit promotion service.

Spotify monthly listeners indicates how many audience listen your muisc in running month. So, its also helps to understand your popularity as well as your dominance on music industry.

Worldwide Plays or County Targeted Plays?

Both worldwide plays and country targeted plays are inportant for spotify music promotion. Spotify has great analytics system that detect your streams origin and type too. Global plays helps to gain global top chart. Similarly , plays come from any specific country helps to gain local chart lisiting if you have minimum qualified amount of streams.

Currently we are doing country targeted spotify streams for  United States (US) , United Kingdom (UK) , Canada (CA), Australia (AU), Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, Polad and Sweden. But we can do targeted promotion for all other countries where spotify is running. Please contact us for any queries regarding targeted promotion campaign.

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Any Question? Here is some FAQ

Do You Receive Royalty For Plays we promote?

– Yes. You will get paid from spotify for plays we promote. Because , we do not use any bot or other software to generate plays. All streams will come from real audience.


Is It Safe To Buy Spotify Streams from us?

– Yes. Its 100 percent safe . Because we do not any method to gain streams that restricted by spotify. So, your track remain safe and not get removed from spotify.

Do we promote country targeted spotify plays?

Yes. We can promote country targeted strams for spotfiy too. Please contact us for any country targeted plays promotion. We can promote plays for almost every country where spotify is active.


How many streams we can promote?

We can promote any count of numbers of streams you can ask. We do start from 1200 plays. You can order 100,000 to 1Million plays for each track.

Do plays promotion service help to listed on spotify topchart?

– Yes. If you have qualified quantity of streams you can get listed on spotify topchart .